Capillary Blood Collection

  • Minicollect Tube
Minicollect Tube
- MiniCollect Tubes are designed for the collection, transportation and processing of capillary blood (collected via lancet stick) from infants, toddles, children, geriatric patients in intensive care situations. Tubes are offered for diverse usage and with a choice of fill volumes. They can collect sample volumes between 0.25 to 1ml
 Item No.  Nom. Vol.  Cap Colour  Description




450413 1 ML LIGHT BLUE Coagulation 3.2% 100 pcs. 1.000 pcs
450470 1 ML RED Serum, Clot a Activator 100 pcs. 1.000 pcs.
450475 0.5 ML LAVENDER EDTA K3 100 pcs. 1.000 pcs.
450477 1 ML GREEN Lithium Heparin 100 pcs. 1.000 pcs.